BMC G3 A20 Auto CPAP Machine


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BMC G3 A20 Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier is a premium CPAP from BMC Medical.

Latest Model Launched in 2022 with improved design

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    BMC G3 A20 Auto CPAP Machine features a humanized interface design with real-time data display and Intelligent Auto settings that allow the device to adapt to both the user and their environment. The G3 comes standard with detachable humidifier, tubing, Wi-Fi module (optional). Accessing patient data is quick and easy with the BMC RESmart software program and BMCares App.

    Auto CPAP G3 A20

    This is the latest CPAP from BMC and has significant design improvements over its earlier models like GII or G2S. Some of the improvements done are:

    • No need to pull out humidification chamber to refill. Just open the top flap and you can refill easily. Due to its simplified design, its easy to clean the humidifier.
    • Improved on screen interface with easy access to most important settings.
    • Improved algorithms to detect and treat apnea.
    Respbuy CSA Detection



    BMC G3 A20 Auto CPAP Machine Features:

    • Latest Model Launched in 2022 with improved design
    • Super Quiet Operation with multi-stage noise reduction technology
    • Auto-Humidity Control
    • Pre-Heating Humidifier Option Available
    • Auto-Ramp feature Senses patients Sleep/Wake State
    • Central Apnea Detection
    • Smart Auto-Adjusting Pressure Treatment based on pressures from the previous 5 nights of use
    • Free RESmart software program
    • Four methods of data access including SD Card Software, iCode, and Web-Based Platform to View Patient Downloads
    • Free Mobile app available for QR code method of data access
    • Accessory Change Reminder function
    • RESlex exhalation relief with three comfort settings
    • 5 heater settings on heated humidifier
    • Real-time alert for tubing/mask leak
    • 4-20 cm therapy pressure
    • Super Quiet Operation with multi-stage noise reduction technology

    iCode app is another great feature that allows you remote access to your sleep therapy on your smartphone. However, the iCode function is web-based. BMC G3 A20 Auto CPAP Machine will show information such as compliance hours, average pressure, AHI, and leak rate. Tracking your sleep Data has never been easier.

    What’s included with the BMC G3 A20 Auto CPAP Machine?  

    • Auto Pressure CPAP Machine with Smart Humidifier
    • Power Cord/ Adaptor
    • Tubing
    • Travel carry bag
    • Quick Operation Guide
    • 4GB SD card
    • Air Filter
    • User Manual
    • Mask Optional (As per selection)

    Additional information

    Weight 4 kg
    Dimensions 36 × 23 × 28 cm
    Warranty 2 Years



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