Philips DreamStation Auto CPAP IAX500S15

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DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine has advanced features such as Bluetooth Connectivity, SmartRamp, and Opti-Start. Auto-adjusting machine that adjusts pressure during the night on a breath-by-breath basis. DreamStation Auto tracks, and adjusts therapy levels to respond to, many common OSA related events including Hypopneas, Flow Limitation, Respiratory Effort Related Arousal, Snores, and Leaks. It can detect many symptoms beyond classic OSA, such as clear airway apneas and periodic breathing, that may indicate the need for specialized therapy.





Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 cm




What in the Box

Your Dream Station Auto CPAP device includes the following items : –

• Device(Dream Station Auto CPAP -2 Years warranty)

• User manual • Disposable light-blue ultra-fine filter

• Carrying case

• Power cord and adapter

• SD card

• Flexible tubing, 15 mm

• Humidifier (optional)

•  Mask (Optional)


Performance check

Designed to simplify in-home device evaluation, decrease time spent troubleshooting, and reduce the number of normally functioning units that are returned for service.

Engage patients

Philips DreamMapper app with Bluetooth pairing connects patients to their therapy. See previous nights therapy usage, mask fit, and apnea hypopnea index, send information to the care team, and view informational videos and guides.
Connectivity options
Integrated Bluetooth® is standard on every device, and optional Wi-Fi and cellular modems provide comprehensive connectivity options.

Wake up to progress

Each morning patients are greeted with a summary of their progress to motivate them to stick with their therapy. The display shows a simple trend of their nightly hours of use, followed by a summary of the last 30 days of “good nights” that have more than 4 hours of use.

Simple, intuitive patient experience

A sleek, stylish, low-profile design offers the important features patients told us they wanted in a therapy device. It’s small and light, making it easy to pack for travel. It features easy-to-navigate menus, a front-facing display that can be operated while lying down or sitting up in bed as well as an easy-to-clean, one-piece humidifier water chamber.

Connect to the care team

Philips Respironics Care Orchestrator, a cloud-based app, drives collaboration among your care team, delivering actionable insights straight to smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Features include Rx change, data pull, connection with device Performance Check, and API integrations.

Acclimation algorithms

DreamStation includes a set of tools designed to help patients starting PAP therapy and during their continued, long-term use. EZ-Start to help patients acclimate to therapy, and SmartRamp to allow users to fall asleep to lower pressures.


Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP Technical Specifications
Brand Philips
Working Modes CPAP, Auto CPAP
Model Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP
Series DreamStation Auto CPAP
Warranty 2 Year
Pressure Range 4 to 20 cm H2O
Dimensions 15.7×19.3×8.4 cm (w/o Humidifier) 29.7×19.3×8.4 cm (w/ Humidifier)
Weight 1.33 kg/2.94 lbs (w/o Humidifier) 1.98 kg/4.37 lbs (w/Humidifier) Incl. Power Supply
Altitude Compensation Automatic
Filters Reusable Pollen; Disposable ultra-fine
Device Controls LCD, Control dial/Push Button
Electrical Requirements 100 – 240 VAC,50/60 Hz,2.0- 1.0 A
Data Storage Capacity (minimum) SD Card 1 year On-board 6 months
Flex Pressure Relief 0 to 3
Humidification Heated Humidification Fixed, Adaptive, Heated Tube modes; Heated Tube (optional)
Ramp Time 0 to 45 min (5-minute increments)
Starting Ramp Pressure 4 cm H2O to CPAP Pressure (CPAP)

3 reviews for Philips DreamStation Auto CPAP IAX500S15

  1. Hitesh Thakur

    I highly recommend the Philips DreamStation Auto CPAP from Gurman Medical. Not only did I score it at a great price, but its performance exceeded my expectations. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it’s a top choice for anyone seeking quality sleep therapy. If you’re in the market for a CPAP machine, look no further than Gurman Medical for unbeatable deals on the DreamStation Auto CPAP.

  2. Chhaya

    Reasonable product rate and good services”

  3. Chhaya

    Reasonable price and customer supports

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