Dream Station BiPAP Pro INX600S


Dream Station BiPAP Pro

Philips Respironics newest BiPAP machine, the DreamStation BiPAP Pro is a Bi-Level positive pressure device designed for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The DreamStation BiPAP Pro brings many new and improved features to the treatment of Sleep Apnea including:

  • SmartRamp – maintains a constant lower pressure until the device detects that you require more pressure.
  • User screen and control knob is located on the edge of the machine making it easier to read and control while in bed.
  • The DreamStation has a built in sensor to detect ambient light and dims the screen in a dark room while brightening when the room has lights on.
  • Opti-Start – monitors the average pressure needed and begins therapy at that pressure.
  • Heated Humidifier water chamber is accessible from the top of the machine making it easier to remove , fill and replace in the BiPAP.

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    Your Dream Station Bipap Pro device includes the following items:

    • Device (DreamStation BiPAP Pro INX600S)
    • User Manual
    • Carrying Case
    • Power Cord
    • Power Supply
    • SD Card
    • Flexible Tubing
    • Disposable Ultra-Fine Filter
    • Humidifier (Optional)
    • Heated Tubing (Optional)
    • Mask (Optional)

    Note: 2 Years Warranty require on Device

    Product Brochures: https://gurmanmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/03-BiPAP-Pro.pdf